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 Get to Know Roger Arsenault

Roger became licensed in 1997 after completing a 22-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces. After selling for a few years, he realized that his true passion was in helping other realtors, so he became an office manager with a competitor of MaxWell. In 2009, he arranged a lunch meeting with Dick Oakes (co-founder of MaxWell Realty), and after learning that Dick did not have his retirement plans in place, they began to make the ownership transition a reality. This transition involved a move to MaxWell Canyon Creek in 2010 to assume the role of Broker.

In 2013 Roger got married to his wife Dee McLellan in Maui, Hawaii. Every April, they return (except for 2020 & 2021) to celebrate their anniversary. They enjoy travelling,

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MaxWell Realty has recently had the pleasure of interviewing our newest Broker/Owner Bob Dewar. Bob opened the doors of MaxWell Edge Realty in January 2021!

Check out our interview with Bob Dewar below:

1. How many years in the industry as an agent?

Renee was licensed in 2009 and I in 2013 after I retired from the Federal Government. Renee's business in real estate took off, and she needed the help, so I got licensed, and we've been a team ever since.

2. What led you to want to make the change to being an owner/broker?

We were looking at whether we should relocate back to Winnipeg. After speaking to Bill Tarrabain, he thought we'd be a great fit for bringing the brand to Winnipeg. He encouraged us to check with other Broker/Owners of

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Welcome to the Family!

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