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Imagine you've found the perfect home. You love it. You've made an offer that's been accepted. So far so good! The only catch? You've wisely made the offer conditional on passing a professional home inspection. 

What happens if that home inspection reveals a major issue? 

First, you should know that, depending on the age of the property, a home inspection will typically turn up at least a few areas of concern. The inspector might find loose insulation in the attic that is thinning out or roofing shingles that will need replacing in two or three years. 

Issues like those are not usually deal-breakers. 

However, if the home inspector finds a major issue — such as old wiring that's worn and presents a safety concern — then you're facing

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Congratulations to our sellers on this gorgeous acreage in Yankee Valley Estates. 

Excited to see what’s in store for them next...

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Your kitchen cabinets have been good to you over the years. They provided storage, helped you hide a bit of clutter and maybe they have kept up aesthetics pretty good. How can you tell if it’s time to replace your custom cabinetry in Edmonton?

The finish is shot.

If the finish on your cabinetry in Edmonton is faded, scratched or peeling, it’s time for a cabinet replacement. Over the years, steam and grease from cooking and general wear and tear can age your cabinets and cause damage. Though this damage is mostly aesthetic, a damaged finish could start allowing moisture in the cabinet cases, causing mold or rot. You can refinish your cabinets, which is the cost-effective option, but either way, you’ll have to do something about it.


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How To Start Saving? Where Do I Start? 

I remember thinking when I was in my teens: “How can people afford to own a home?” “Where do they get the money?” I always knew home ownership was a goal I wanted to achieve at a young age, so I began my financial planning early! I planned and executed a savings plan that would allow me to eventually purchase my first home in my early 20’s. 

 I know thinking about finances isn’t very exciting…but planning for your future can be! Your first step to saving should be knowing how much money you are taking home per month after taxes. This seems like common knowledge, but lots of people I talk to do not actually know how much money the make per month or annually. (If you are in a commission or sales based

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