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I often get asked "when is the best time to list a property, should I wait until the Spring?" The answer beyond a pat, "it depends" is really, "the best time of the year to list your home is when you want to." I'll give you the pros and cons of doing it at different times of the year, namely Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer. I'll also cover the three aspects to listing a home that don't change no matter the time of year.

Listing in the Fall/Winter means there is less competition from other listings and the fewer buyers out there are motivated and ready for the most part. Of course it is colder and some of the buyers are looking for the "off peak market deal". With Spring/Summer come more buyers only some of which will be motivated and ready where others

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Buying a home? Pay more and work harder by working with the listing agents. 

Whenever I list a property I'll get "sign calls" from buyers wanting to view a property I have on the market. Some have been told by a friend that working with the selling agent will help them get a better deal and this is not always the case.
Apart from the fact that it is more work for the buyer to call and arrange appointments with all the agents, line up consecutive times to maximize the number of showings, vet the different properties against their needs, access the properties with limited information through public access sites, do all the driving and waiting around for the next appointment; to do all that and pay more for the property? No thanks.
So it is obviously

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New or Used? Kevin Grenier REALTOR®

When buyers come to me looking for guidance I always include both new homes and used (pre-owned) homes. Many buyers are surprised to find that I also work with new home builders and once they understand the benefits, far prefer it to working with the builder's sales staff.
But what are the benefits of new vs used?


- latest building practices including 4x6 walls, increased insulation, heat recovery ventilators and child safe receptacles
- comprehensive 1yr builder warranty (some builders offer 2 yrs), additional New home warranties (additional 4-10 yrs or more covering various items)


- typically located in mature areas with established schools, larger trees, typically shorter commutes to city centre
- less likely to be "cookie

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Kevin Grenier REALTOR® with helmet
The Alberta Real Estate Association featured Kevin in their April 2018 issue of their monthly newsletter. 

Kevin Grenier, REALTOR® with MaxWell Polaris in Edmonton is a man of many hats. His favourite? A motorcycle helmet. With Spring here, Kevin’s clients choosing to take their own vehicle will be following him on his motorcycle to view homes.

“Many clients have been greeted for the first time by me rolling up on two wheels, in my very best gear and tie,” says Kevin. “Life is too short to not have fun and both buying and selling can be stressful. My job with clients is to keep stress levels at bay with sound advice and a sprinkle of levity and laughter!”

We agree in full, Kevin. Stay safe on those roads! 
Kevin Grenier REALTOR® on track

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