Five Home Staging Tips

Five Home Staging Tips

Posted by on Friday, December 8th, 2017 at 6:09am.

Edmonton home staging tips
When you put your house up for sale, getting a good number of offers to choose from is what you hope for. While hoping won’t get you anywhere, taking a few small steps in improving the condition of your house will help. To help you with this, here are some Edmonton home staging tips that you can make use of:

De-clutter and Deep Clean

When buyers look for a dream house, they have an ideal image in mind. The image may be of a clean and shiny new home. To make your house this perfect image for a potential buyer, it is crucial that you clear out the clutter. The more disorder you have, the less spacious your house would look. While you are at it, make sure you clean the house and make it spotless and shiny. A dirty house leaves a negative impact on the buyer's mind.

Repair Small Damages

Remember, just because you are selling the house does not mean you can keep it in bad condition. Damages to the property automatically bring down the overall value of your house. When a potential buyer enters your house, they are ready to inspect it. The first thing they will look for are signs of damage. Make sure to repair visible damage and also other disrepair, such as plumbing defects which could be a turnoff for the buyer.

Light Up

Potential buyers look for positivity in the house they plan to buy. A dark and gloomy home is not going attract the attention of the buyers. Make sure to lighten up all the corners of your house. Use light colored curtains and keep the windows open to let the sunlight fill up the rooms. This will give a bright and airy look to your house.

Neutralize Not Personalize

When staging your house for sale in Edmonton, keep in mind that the potential buyers do not want to see ‘your’ house, but ‘a’ house. Refrain from personalizing the space and instead try and make the house as neutral in theme as possible. Move your personal belongings and photographs and try to put up a neutral décor instead. If you choose to repaint, choose pale colors and not something loud. Make use of these painting techniques that bring your walls to life.

Do Not Forget Your Exterior

A major mistake made by most home sellers is that while they are preparing their house for staging, they completely forget about the exterior of the house. Don’t forget, a buyer first sees your lawn and exterior before entering the house. A well-kept garden and home patio is a sign of a well-maintained house. Also, having a good lawn area will mean a better price of the house as the buyer would not have to work on it. Do not forget to check for damages on your exterior walls as well.

Staging your house right is a really important step when it comes to selling your house. A well-kept and attractive property will definitely get you more offers than an under-maintained one. Make use of these Edmonton home staging tips to get the best offers. To get assistance in selling your house at the right price, hire one of our skilled estate agents.

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