Get To Know Rashid Malik - MaxWell's newest Broker/Owner

Get To Know Rashid Malik - MaxWell's newest Broker/Owner

Posted by MaxWell Realty Admin on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 at 2:42pm.


MaxWell Realty has recently had the pleasure of welcoming Rashid Malik to the family. Rashid opened the doors of MaxWell Central in February of 2019 and we thought it was time that the rest of the world got to know him! Check out our interview with Rashid below:


1. How many have you spent in the industry, as an agent? 

    14 years from January 2005


2. What led you to want to make the change to being an owner/broker?

     14 years in the industry have helped me improve my knowledge and expertise within the industry. Building a professional network and creating a fun filled, successful career,  led me to step-up and establish this brokerage. I want to grow - even knowing that growth in anything can be unfamiliar or uncomfortable. I had to accept the challenge of being uncomfortable in order to grow. It has always been a goal to own my own office - it was time to realize that goal. 


3. Was there anything that surprised you or you may not have expected about being an owner?

    I have expected most of the challenges that came with being an owner. Like I said I can't be comfortable anymore. After 14 years in the industry, I needed more challenges. I need to step up my game and get out of my comfort zone. So being in the leadership role, I  already knew what would be required of me.


4. What are your goals for growth in your offices? (Recruitment/Growth?)

    My goal is to become the biggest brokerage in Calgary and to achieve that I will have to focus on the 3 core areas which is recruitment, organic growth and creating more business outside of Calgary. I know that taking one step at a time will lead me to where I want to be.


5. What challenges do you see for the coming year and what plans do you have to overcome them? 

    The biggest challenge I can see is recruiting and growing the team. Finding the top agents and competing for them is tough especially considering that this factor is also tied with revenue. Regarding my plan to overcome them...I plan not to disclose that part, that is for me to manage. The only thing I can say is keep building.


6. What makes you the most proud to be part of the MaxWell Family? 

    The culture and the treatment I get from the executives are excellent. I cant be grateful enough for all the support that they have extended. I am not sure if I will be able to see this in any other big name real estate franchise.


7. What have you enjoyed the most so far about this process?

    Honestly, though it is hard to recruit, I am enjoying the fact that I get to meet different agents, each with their own goals. I am enjoying stepping up and leading this team. 


8. What are your interests outside of real estate? Sports, volunteering etc etc help us get to know you. 

    I can't say that I have any interest in anything outside of real estate now because my life just revolves around Real Estate. Helping people is my true passion.  I love also love numbers- I am a Chartered Accountant. I do some volunteering here and there but it is not something that I do often. I love to play chess in my spare time , hitting the gym often so I can de-stress and stay healthy ,I love to play Golf whenever i get a chance . 

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