Host The Best Open House In Edmonton

Host The Best Open House In Edmonton

Posted by MaxWell Realty Admin on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 at 4:24am.

Selling A Home in Edmonton

If you are considering selling a home in Edmonton, you can start by putting up the ‘Open House’ sign near your house. When people view your sign, they will understand that you want to sell your home. However, just placing a sign isn’t sufficient to get you to sell your house. We have listed down a few tips that can help you host the best open house in Edmonton.

Organize at an Odd Hour

It has been seen that open houses are generally organized on Saturdays or Sundays, that too from 1pm-3pm or from 2pm-4pm in order to attract a lot of buyers. However, you can host your open house at an odd hour, say on a weekday between 3pm-5pm. This way you will have less open house competition at that time and you can draw buyers to your house.

Craft a Positive First Impression

To create a good first impression and make your house look good in-and-out, you need to increase the curb appeal of your home. Create an inviting entryway for the guests by repairing or replacing the main gate, fences, the exterior part of your home, and even the broken mailbox. 

Maintain the Lawn

Next thing you must do is maintain the lawn. First of all, de-clutter the lawn and remove the unnecessary objects lying such as the garden hose or landscaping tools. Trim the overgrown plants and shrubs to make the lawn look well-manicured. Grow attractive and ornamental plants to make the property look appealing.

Get Along with Your Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent will surely have extensive networks to target homebuyers. Talk to your real estate agent and ask him/her to notify all the potential homebuyers looking for a new home in your neighborhood. Request him/her to invite more and more home-hunters to your open house.

Offer Food During the Open House

It is important to make your visitors feel comfortable to sell your home. One such way is to be nice to the potential homebuyers and make them feel good by offering some snacks that they can enjoy before or after inspecting your home. Offering food always helps you increase the chances of finding a good buyer for your home.

Visit Other Open Houses

Take out time and visit other open houses to understand how others stage their homes for open houses. Visiting other open houses will give you ideas how other people prepare for their open houses. You can inculcate similar ideas in your open house too and host the best open house. 

Be a Good Host

Lastly, be a good host. Greet each guest with a smile. If you have pets, leave them with a friend or relative so that they don’t disturb or scare the guests. Hand them a property sheet and point out the most attractive features of your home so that they can easily inspect your home.

Follow these steps to host the best open house. If you need any assistance in selling your home in Edmonton, you can get in touch with our expert real estate agents in Edmonton. They have several potential home buyers' contacts who would be interested in buying your home.

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