Should I buy a new furnace when I am selling my house?

Should I buy a new furnace when I am selling my house?

Posted by on Thursday, January 12th, 2017 at 9:10pm.


Should you replace your old furnace when you are selling your home?

People often want to know what the secret is to selling a their property, or what they can do to get more money or an easier sale. I am a successful realtor in Edmonton, Alberta as well as an active house flipper. I currently have a flip house for sale that was finished absolutely beautifully, unfortunately it has an old loud furnace that is turning buyers away. I took feedback from 20+ showing before I decided I would replace the furnace.

I called many agents back and told them I am replacing the furnace this week and several of them decided to come back for a second showing. I am now at the stage where an offer is coming in and the property will be sold.

Yes is the answer, you should definately replace the old furnace if you are selling your home. Edmonton buyers are highly educated in purchasing, or have agents that are educated. They know they can usually get a similar property with a new furnace.

As a house flipper in Edmonton I purchase a furnace every couple of months and get contractor rates on these units. If you or anyone you know needs to replace a furnace for the purpose of selling their home, I would be more than happy to get them my discounted rates on their furnace.

Buyers assume that a furnace will cost $7000-$10, 000 when in fact it may only cost $3000. Rather than letting them get these crazy ideas in their head and buying the house next door, replace the damn thing lol.

Call me if you need any assistance with this at 780-278-4847 or contact me through my website at


Sean Rampersaud


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