Steps For Buying A House In Calgary

Steps For Buying A House In Calgary

Posted by MaxWell Realty Admin on Thursday, January 4th, 2018 at 6:21am.

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Buying a house in Calgary is a stressful yet fulfilling task. The joy of finally acquiring the keys to the new house is incomparable. Add to that, the feeling of owning your very own house in Calgary is amazing. To experience this, you need to make right decisions and go through various procedures to own a new house. To make right decisions and have a stress-free home buying experience, follow these steps.

Decide a Budget

Before you even decide on buying a house, you need to figure out how much of it you can afford. For this, you need to analyze your savings and decide how much mortgage needs to be taken. A good way to expedite your home buying process would be to get your credit score checked and get it prequalified and preapproved for your mortgage.

Do Your Research

Before you dive into the complete process of searching for homes, do your initial research. Refer to online websites, newspapers and local listings to find out the current real estate market scenario. Mark the houses which you like and check how long they stay in the market.

Hire an Estate Agent

The best way to venture into the real estate market is to have a knowledgeable person with you. No one better than a real estate agent can help you with that. Having an estate agent gives you an upper edge as the agent has detailed knowledge about the locality and excellent negotiating skills when it comes to buying houses.

Choose a Home

Once the agent is hired, you now have a myriad variety of homes to choose from. There are various types of homes in Calgary to choose from. Based on your budget you could choose to buy either a single family home or an apartment.

Get a Home Inspection Done

After the offer placed is accepted by the home seller, do not forget to get a thorough home inspection done. This will ensure that there are no hidden problems in the house. If there are any problems, you can point it out and get the owner to reduce the selling price of the house.

Make an Offer

Once you have found the house of your choice, it’s time to make an offer. Generally, sellers price their house on a higher side as they expect negotiations from the buyers. So before you make an offer, do not simply lower the price. Look for the damages and shortcomings in the house and accordingly make an offer. This step may take some time as there will be a counteroffer. Also, there might be other buyers as well.

Prepare Your Mortgage

With major discussions and inspections done, you now need to prepare for the mortgage. If you already got yourself prequalified for a mortgage, this process will move faster. You just need to choose a lender to approve your mortgage. Choose a mortgage plan realistically based on your paying capacity.

Close on the Home

With all the major steps of buying a home covered, you now need to close the deal for your new house. During this step, the seller and the buyer sign and exchange documents to transfer the ownership.

Buying a house is a big decision which no one should take alone. Having an expert on your side simplifies the entire process of buying a new home. The knowledge and expertise of a real estate agent will not only help you in buying your dream house but will also help you in selling your old house. So to make your home buying experience a pleasant one, get in touch with the best real estate agency in Calgary.

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