May 2018

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Mahogany Lake has 8.5 hectares of beach area and a 22,000-square-foot beach club, which has a splash park, fishing pier and non-motorized marina. It also includes tennis courts, play equipment, a hockey rink, barbecue pits and outdoor fitness equipment. Located in the deep south surrounded by all the amenities you will ever need and many more opening. If you are thinking of a move to Mahogany, contact our team at 403.616.8752 and let your search for "lake living" begin.
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According to law enforcement experts, a video-based home security system is significantly more effective than a simple alarm system. The reason is obvious. Burglars don’t want their crimes captured on video, which can then be used as evidence in court. So it’s no wonder that many homeowners have, or are considering, video-based security. These days, most video-based home security systems are wireless. The cameras either record to your DVR (just like recording your favourite TV show), or to a cloud-based server provided by the manufacturer. There are many do-it-yourself systems on the market. You simply place the cameras around your property and do some initial setup. Most of these have motion-detection that records automatically when someone comes into

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