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A home purchase is one of the largest assets and the biggest debt that a person will have. If this is your first time obtaining mortgage, then there are a few things that you need to know about what is required to qualify.

1)      Credit History: How is your current credit and how has it been in the past? Your financial institution will look at your rating, and that everything is in good standing. If you are able to manage your debt, then it reflects on your ability to manage house payments.

2)      Debt Load: What are your liabilities? How much debt do you have? Your financial institution will look at the amount that you owe compared to the amount that you earn. Your debts should not exceed 40 to 42 % of your gross income, and your housing

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The kitchen is the most important room in the house for buyers and it can make or break a sale. If you want a kitchen remodel that will help sell your home in the near or far future, you should choose things that will appeal to the largest audience of potential buyers. Here are more tips: 

Appeal to the masses. 

Kitchen renovations should appeal to the greatest number of people possible if you want to sell your home quicker and for a better price. Don’t think about what would suit your own specific taste, but what the largest number of potential buyers would prefer. Over personalizing the space can be a big mistake. Buyers don’t want to have to re-do a brand-new kitchen because it doesn’t match their style.

Find out what buyers want.


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In a matter of days, cannabis will become legal across Canada. How will this new era affect the home buying and selling process? CREB®Now sat down with Ryan DeLuca, supervisor of training and compliance at CREB®, to discuss the information buyers and sellers need to avoid getting stuck in the weeds.

CREB®Now: How will cannabis legalization affect the homebuying process?

DeLuca: Legalization won’t change the process itself, but it will affect buyer expectations of what the seller must disclose.

Buyers should pay attention to disclosure and ask direct questions like “has cannabis been grown in the property?” They should also talk to their mortgage broker and insurer to find out if home growth will affect their mortgage application or their

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Ideally, you would like buyers to wait until they’ve viewed your whole property before they judge it. However, the reality is, buyers start forming an impression of your home as soon as they see it from the curb. So, it pays to do everything you can to improve your property's "curb appeal". Here are some ideas: · You can improve the impact of your landscaping by trimming hedges, removing any unsightly weeds, and cutting the grass. Planting just a few fresh flowers can make a big impact. · If your main entrance door is old, a fresh coat of paint will make it look like new. In some cases, the effect is significant. · Remove any items that might distract the buyer from forming a good first impression. For example, garbage…
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Many would-be homebuyers find the home of their dreams, only to wonder, “can I afford it?” Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., as well as many major banks, recommend spending no more than 30 per cent of income on housing, including mortgage (principal and interest), property taxes, insurance and utilities. To help, we did the math for a typical detached home in each region of the city.

City Centre

  • Required Down Payment: $34,461
  • Recommended Household Income: $155,760

North East

  • Required Down Payment: $18,738
  • Recommended Household Income: $87,520


  • Required Down Payment: $36,653
  • Recommended Household Income: $165,240


  • Required Down Payment: $23,670
  • Recommended Household Income: $108,920

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Deadmonton Haunted House

Haunted Pumpkin Festival

Edmonton Ghost Tours

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Vivo Ristorante opened in July of 2011 with the vision of bringing traditional Italian dining, the sharing of food and conversation to our fine city.  Inspired by the vivacious family meals in Grace De Rose`s house growing up, all our food is served family style, in large bowls or platters for sharing. Contact Vivo today to make a reservation. 

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