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Hayden Zaplachinski – MaxWell Progressive

Inderpal Singh – MaxWell Polaris

Jose-Ann – MaxWell Polaris

Shannon Sharma – MaxWell Polaris

Ian Scott – MaxWell Polaris

Gurpreet Singh – MaxWell Polaris

Stephanie Seidel - MaxWell Challenge

Noor Al-Shawi – MaxWell Central

Sandi Hegland - MaxWell Elite

Jag Duggal - MaxWell Central

Hardeep Dhatt - MaxWell Central

Sukh Toor - MaxWell Central

Jason Penny - MaxWell South Star/Canmore

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MaxWell Realty has recently had the pleasure of welcoming Rashid Malik to the family. Rashid opened the doors of MaxWell Central in February of 2019 and we thought it was time that the rest of the world got to know him! Check out our interview with Rashid below:


1. How many have you spent in the industry, as an agent? 

    14 years from January 2005


2. What led you to want to make the change to being an owner/broker?

     14 years in the industry have helped me improve my knowledge and expertise within the industry. Building a professional network and creating a fun filled, successful career,  led me to step-up and establish this brokerage. I want to grow - even knowing that growth in anything can be unfamiliar or

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Manjinder Singh Punia - MaxWell Polaris 

Tracey Fenn - MaxWell Progressive

  Glemer Sucro - MaxWell Progressive

Coby Dumond - MaxWell Devonshire

 Lixing Wu - MaxWell Polaris 

Kevin Hatch - MaxWell Central

Shelley Confurius - MaxWell Devonshire

Harjeet Jermana - MaxWell Devonshire Realty

Lana Wright - MaxWell Capital Realty

Lynn Wolf - MaxWell Capital Realty

Allen Elgie - MaxWell Devonshire 

Cameron White - MaxWell Devonshire 

Ally D'Elia - MaxWell Polaris 

Darien Hundal - MaxWell Progressive 

 Shannon Gamache -  MaxWell Devonshire Realty

Ryan Debler - MaxWell Progressive 

Ranjit Ghotra - MaxWell Polaris 

Prabhjeet Kainth - MaxWell Central

Vickramjit Deol - MaxWell Central 


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Jayne Bawden - MaxWell Challenge Realty

Karim Bhaloo - MaxWell Canyon Creek

Tomasz Samborski - MaxWell Capital Realty

Clint Mezzarobba - MaxWell Canyon Creek

Paul Grewal - MaxWell Progressive

Robert (Bob) McDonald - MaxWell South Star Realty

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 It is with great excitement that we announce Alex Ward as the new owner of both MaxWell Devonshire and MaxWell Devonshire Realty (Including the Devon, Lethbridge and Tofield office locations). Alex is a motivated young man who has always dreamed of owning an office. In fact, he was so motivated that he was able to purchase his first offices after only 4 years of working as a real estate agent within one of those offices. 

Mentored under previous Devonshire owner, Gary Kirkham, Alex has a deep understanding of each of the offices and plans for dramatic growth by 2025. Existing agents can expect to receive a multitude of new services designed to help them develop larger networks, more effectively reach their sphere of influence, and more effectively

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Sheena Millard - MaxWell Progressive 
Vicky Kujundzic - MaxWell Progressive 
Litha Thomas - MaxWell Central 
Michael Dingwall - MaxWell Devonshire Realty 
Denny Joseph - MaxWell Progressive 
Jason Paul - MaxWell Progressive
Nicole Rainey - MaxWell Capital 
Harminder Singh Saini - MaxWell Central 
Olivia Bronce - MaxWell Central 
Susan Speed - MaxWell Challenge Realty 


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After a long search for a new home from the many options available in Calgary real estate, you found the best home for yourself. With all the formalities in the process and the house keys in your hands, it’s time to make the home completely yours. How can you do that? By add elements to your house that reflects your persona. But in this process of this addition, do not forget these things which are essential for a new home.

Updated Home Lock Mechanism

The very first update you need to make to your new home is to install a new home lock mechanism. You may not be aware of the number of people having the key to the old home lock. This may raise a security concern. Apart from that, getting a security system installed will ensure that your home is safe

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There are a set of rules and regulations to be followed when living in a rental property that is listed under MLS for homes for sale in Edmonton. You might not be able to abide by all of them, but there is no choice. Owners get a lease signed before you rent the property. This lease has certain guidelines which are to be followed or else you may have to pay a penalty to the landlord.

There are chances that you may want to get rid of the rented house, but you are bounded by a contract. Here are some reasons that tell you to break the lease of the rented house.

  • Switching your job to a new location
  • You are paying more rent than the actual market rates
  • You are getting a rented apartment at lesser value
  • The landlord is very nosy
  • You want
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After a long tiring day, home is the place you want to go. For this longing, having a good and up-to-date home is what we try to maintain. The same is accomplished by renovating your home from time to time. Renovation gives you the chance to upgrade what’s damaged and at the same time gives a completely new look to the rooms of your home. But there can be renovation mistakes which can affect your home value if you plan to put your Calgary home for sales, especially your kitchen renovation. So to help you out here are some mistakes to avoid when renovating your kitchen.

Not Utilizing The Space

It is understood that you already have a designated space for your kitchen. But that does not mean you cannot get creative. Not utilizing the complete kitchen

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Calgary Real Estate

Renovations are the best thing to go for to give your house a brand new look. Along with the look, renovations, to a large extent help in increasing the resale value of your house in Calgary. According to Calgary real estate market, renovation adds more value to the house, but in some cases, it can also hurt the resale value. Therefore bigger renovations can be avoided by planning smartly and undergoing some smaller renovations. Here are some home renovations that can hurt the resale value of your house in Calgary.

1. Too much Wallpaper

While wallpapers are appealing to some, they can be quite annoying for some home buyers. It all depends on the design you have selected for the wallpaper and its color. Every person has a different choice. Use of

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