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Christmas shopping for a new home? Check out a few of these available properties on the market. We would love to help you find your next home! ☎️ Call us at 403-681-0319 for more info or to go and see your favourites.

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There are many storage options for your household items.

For example, receipts and other paper records can be stored in a file box. Seasonal items, such as winter clothing, can be put in the basement. You can even rent a local storage unit to help with decluttering. But what about stuff that exists electronically? These days, many important records -- vacation pictures, tax receipts, home videos, school documents, etc. - - are in the form of PDFs, JPEGs, and other electronic formats.

Having those reside entirely on your computer is risky. What if your computer crashes? Someone smart once said, "A computer file isn't a file until it's in two places." So, the solution is to store your important electronic documents in a second place.


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Our in House, Maxwell Real Estate Solutions Ltd. Wednesday morning meeting was a great one this morning. Always a great discussion on how to continually improve our service for both selling and buying clientele. Current market update information essential in helping buyers and sellers navigate through our local and surrounding area markets. Conversation on the National Home Strategy Program to assist home buyers in their quest for home ownership. Conversation on the current rental market for what's available, what's not and our commitment to providing all services of many real estate endeavours. Talking points on educating or being available to home owners, future new home owners and real estate investors who need or want a different insight into the dos…

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If you were using the National Housing Strategy to help with a $370,000,00 home and by doing so you were able to save $91.39/ month on a mortgage payment and you invested what you were saving/month, $91.39/month saved, compounding semi annually at a 2% rate over 25 years you could accumulate $36,978.35 in that investment time frame.

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City of Calgary, December 2, 2019 – Year-to-date residential sales in the city remain just above last year’s levels due to improvements in the attached sector so far this year.

However, November sales activity eased over last year’s levels, mostly due to pullbacks in the apartment sector.

Meanwhile, new listings eased enough relative to sales to cause inventories to ease and the amount of oversupply to come down slightly compared to last year’s levels.

“Achieving more stable conditions will take time. Sales activity has been settling in at lower levels and is likely being influenced by the economic conditions and uncertainty weighing on our market,” said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie.

“While the amount of supply in the market…

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If you have a home that is overdue for a renovation, you might be worried that it will be difficult to sell as a "fixer-upper". In fact, you might delay listing your property for that reason.

The good news is, you don’t need to fix up everything in your home to prepare it for sale. You can be selective and choose only those projects that are most likely to help your home show well and sell quickly.

Here are some projects to consider:

• Repairs. Few things stand out more during a viewing than something in obvious need of repair. That includes minor issues, like a dripping bathroom faucet, as well as major concerns, such as the central air conditioning unit not working. Get these repairs done.

• Painting. Painting is one of the easiest and…

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