October 2016

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Hello to all my Family, New & Existing Friends, Past -n -Present Clients, Neighbor's, and  all My Trail Buddies with my puppy, Milez,

Just a little Blah, Blah, Blah...

I have just returned back to Real Estate and did not realize how much I had missed the art of selling.

Meeting New, Past, Present Clients, along with your referrals is an honor doing business with all of you.

Whether I am Listing your home, Selling you a Home or just visiting your home is an amazing experience!

Size does not matter... a Home is a Home...you make the Home.

Also, so grateful to be with such a fabulous company with excellent agents as well as an amazing Broker.

With 3 decades of witnessing Residential & Population growth here in Calgary, along with it's

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You’re standing by your window admiring the view. Then you notice it. Moisture has built-up around the edges of the glass. Should you worry?

 It all depends on the reason for the build up.

 Assuming you have traditional double-pane glass in your windows, there are a few things to look for if you notice moisture.

 Often, moisture at the bottom of the windows is simply caused by too much humidity in your indoor air. If that’s the case, simply adjust your humidifier.

 If the moisture is on the exterior of the window, typically there’s also no problem with the window itself. It may have rained recently or the outside humidity may have spiked causing the accumulation. Generally, there’s no reason for concern.  

 However, if the moisture is in

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     My father gave me lots of good advice over the years. I wish he was still around to give me more.
     The advice he never gave me that I wish he had, though, was to buy real estate. Any real estate. 
I moved out of the family home for good at 27 (kind of embarrassing back then, but not a big deal now) and spent the next nine years renting a small apartment after I moved to another city to work. It was a nice, comfortable place that I remember cost $500 a month. I'm not going to multiple 500 by 108 months but that was a lot of money spent on rent.
     At the time, where I was living I could have gotten a small detached home for well under 100,000. I could have rented out a room and proceeded to go to town on the principle of my mortgage.
     Oh well.

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When you’re about to sell your home, it may be disheartening to see so many other properties for sale in your neighborhood. You may be thinking, “That’s a lot of competition! Will our property get noticed?”

Fortunately, there are many proven strategies for standing out in a sea of For Sale signs. 

First of all, keep in mind that many home purchasers come from the REALTOR’S personal network of buyers who want to move into your area. So, choosing the right REALTOR® is crucial.

Second, remember that when there are other properties for sale on your street, curb appeal becomes even more important. There are many simple things you can do to make your property look great to those driving around looking at homes. Make sure your property looks as picture

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