House owners mostly prefer various houseplants to increase the beauty of the house. Also, houseplants bring color and freshness to your house. Apart from standing out from all the houses in Edmonton real estate listings, these houseplants are also easy to grow and maintain. Following are some plants that you can use to increase the aesthetics of your house.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is very easy to maintain and just needs little space with bright sunlight. Also, the gel from aloe vera stems will give you glowing skin and provide many other medical benefits. As you just need to water the plant once in two weeks, it’s very easy to keep the plant fresh for a longer time.


Friendship trees or lucky plant, call it by any name, jade is the most…

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Pests make the structure of your house week. These pests not only make your house dirty and weak but they are also responsible for spreading the illness to you and your family members. Treating them well in advance is always advisable. In case, the pest control companies are unable to make your home pest-free, then here are some simple steps that can save money and also make your house pest-free. Keep reading to know more about the steps you need to follow.

1. Clean Your House

Following a cleaning routine that includes dusting the roof, sweeping the floor, cleaning the rugs, carpets, and more on a daily basis is important. Failing to do so can invite different pests in your house. A cluttered home has more chances of having pests. Following a proper…

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After a long search for a new home from the many options available in Calgary real estate, you found the best home for yourself. With all the formalities in the process and the house keys in your hands, it’s time to make the home completely yours. How can you do that? By add elements to your house that reflects your persona. But in this process of this addition, do not forget these things which are essential for a new home.

Updated Home Lock Mechanism

The very first update you need to make to your new home is to install a new home lock mechanism. You may not be aware of the number of people having the key to the old home lock. This may raise a security concern. Apart from that, getting a security system installed will ensure that your home is safe…

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There are a set of rules and regulations to be followed when living in a rental property that is listed under MLS for homes for sale in Edmonton. You might not be able to abide by all of them, but there is no choice. Owners get a lease signed before you rent the property. This lease has certain guidelines which are to be followed or else you may have to pay a penalty to the landlord.

There are chances that you may want to get rid of the rented house, but you are bounded by a contract. Here are some reasons that tell you to break the lease of the rented house.

  • Switching your job to a new location
  • You are paying more rent than the actual market rates
  • You are getting a rented apartment at lesser value
  • The landlord is very nosy
  • You want…

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After a long tiring day, home is the place you want to go. For this longing, having a good and up-to-date home is what we try to maintain. The same is accomplished by renovating your home from time to time. Renovation gives you the chance to upgrade what’s damaged and at the same time gives a completely new look to the rooms of your home. But there can be renovation mistakes which can affect your home value if you plan to put your Calgary home for sales, especially your kitchen renovation. So to help you out here are some mistakes to avoid when renovating your kitchen.

Not Utilizing The Space

It is understood that you already have a designated space for your kitchen. But that does not mean you cannot get creative. Not utilizing the complete kitchen…

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Do you want to customize or upgrade your rented apartment? But you need to be careful. At times, some upgrades might frustrate your landlord when it’s time for him to upgrade the house to attract new tenants. This will eventually jeopardize your security deposit. The landlord will use your security deposit to regain the original version of the house. You must try and avoid the following upgrades to prevent jeopardizing your security deposit.

Painting Your Walls

There is always an excitement about moving to a new apartment. You would like painting your house to give it a new and fresh look. Also, you would choose a color to define your personality. Sometimes, the landlord will not like the color you choose. Hence, while moving out from the apartment,…

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Every buyer will consider few things before investing in a house. Maintaining the house according to buyers need is the seller’s job. If your house is listed in Edmonton real estate listings, you might get multiple leads. Along with considering various add-ons to the house, some things might be a problem or turn-off a potential buyer. Therefore, you need to be aware of such problems and avoid them. Here are some of those problems that homebuyers don’t prefer having in their new house.

Outdated Fixtures And Appliances

Someone looking for a fully furnished house will definitely desire to have one with a modern look. Replacing or renovating the outdated fixtures is a tedious job for the buyer. He might consider looking for other Edmonton real estate…

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If you check for various quality Edmonton home listings online, you will see that the home sellers upload beautiful pictures of their bathrooms as well. This is because most homebuyers look for a flawless bathroom. Another reason is that bathrooms are supposed to be one of the crucial parts of the house. You cannot afford to make mistakes while maintaining and renovating your bathroom. If you are planning your bathroom renovation shortly, you must avoid the following renovation mistakes.

Not Considering Your Budget

Budget is an important aspect that you must consider while planning the renovation of any part of your house. You might have several plans for your bathroom, and you might want to make it as beautiful as possible. But good things have a…

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