After a long search for a new home from the many options available in Calgary real estate, you found the best home for yourself. With all the formalities in the process and the house keys in your hands, it’s time to make the home completely yours. How can you do that? By add elements to your house that reflects your persona. But in this process of this addition, do not forget these things which are essential for a new home.

Updated Home Lock Mechanism

The very first update you need to make to your new home is to install a new home lock mechanism. You may not be aware of the number of people having the key to the old home lock. This may raise a security concern. Apart from that, getting a security system installed will ensure that your home is safe…

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There are a set of rules and regulations to be followed when living in a rental property that is listed under MLS for homes for sale in Edmonton. You might not be able to abide by all of them, but there is no choice. Owners get a lease signed before you rent the property. This lease has certain guidelines which are to be followed or else you may have to pay a penalty to the landlord.

There are chances that you may want to get rid of the rented house, but you are bounded by a contract. Here are some reasons that tell you to break the lease of the rented house.

  • Switching your job to a new location
  • You are paying more rent than the actual market rates
  • You are getting a rented apartment at lesser value
  • The landlord is very nosy
  • You want…

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After a long tiring day, home is the place you want to go. For this longing, having a good and up-to-date home is what we try to maintain. The same is accomplished by renovating your home from time to time. Renovation gives you the chance to upgrade what’s damaged and at the same time gives a completely new look to the rooms of your home. But there can be renovation mistakes which can affect your home value if you plan to put your Calgary home for sales, especially your kitchen renovation. So to help you out here are some mistakes to avoid when renovating your kitchen.

Not Utilizing The Space

It is understood that you already have a designated space for your kitchen. But that does not mean you cannot get creative. Not utilizing the complete kitchen…

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Calgary Real Estate

Renovations are the best thing to go for to give your house a brand new look. Along with the look, renovations, to a large extent help in increasing the resale value of your house in Calgary. According to Calgary real estate market, renovation adds more value to the house, but in some cases, it can also hurt the resale value. Therefore bigger renovations can be avoided by planning smartly and undergoing some smaller renovations. Here are some home renovations that can hurt the resale value of your house in Calgary.

1. Too much Wallpaper

While wallpapers are appealing to some, they can be quite annoying for some home buyers. It all depends on the design you have selected for the wallpaper and its color. Every person has a different choice. Use of…

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Apartments for Sale in Edmonton

Fulfilling your dream of buying an apartment is not an easy task. It’s time-consuming and includes a lot of other crucial work that needs to be done. In this competitive market, searching apartments for sale in Edmonton is a difficult process. Here are some hacks to find your dream apartment in Edmonton.

1. Create a List

Having a list ready before you start visiting various places for buying an apartment makes the search easy. Create a list that includes various things you are looking for in an apartment like - rooms, furnished kitchen, surrounding locality, amenities, and more. Once this list is ready, create a list of places you will visit to hunt for an apartment. You can make a list by checking out the ads or take the help of your real estate…

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Houses in Edmonton

Buying houses in Edmonton is not a hassle-free job. Searching for houses, knowing the locality, paying the down payment, and all other buying related things need to be considered. Therefore, before you start your search, it is important to know the various neighborhoods and then choose the one which will be suitable for your lifestyle. Each neighborhood may have something unique that might attract you. Here are some great neighborhoods to buy houses in Edmonton.

1. Glenora

Glenora is one of the historic places having a community hall, tennis courts, basketball courts, Alberta Government House and more. The place has basic amenities such as schools, fitness clubs, parks, open spaces, and complete access to the River Valley. Alberta Government House is…

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Buying A House in Alberta

Owning a house is a great investment. But buying a house in Alberta can be difficult if you do not have enough money to own it. Is this stopping you from buying a new house? Don’t worry! With proper planning and an expert agent, you can buy a new house even if you can’t afford it.

Buying is a long process. Finding the right house, getting the down payment, performing legal formalities, and many more hectic tasks to be done. But what if you do not have enough money to buy a house in Edmonton? Here are some tips that will help in a buying a house in Alberta.

Improve your Credit Score

Before going for a loan, it is important to know what your credit score is. A good credit score helps to get your mortgage approved. Hence, it is important…

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The decision to buy a house in Edmonton is a big one. When you decide to buy a home, you are choosing a place where you will be living for years to come. What matters in such a decision is the kind of home you choose to buy. There are various types, styles, and designs of homes available for sale in Edmonton. When selecting beautiful houses, one often gets confused between a porch, patio, veranda and a home deck. While they all are outdoor additions to homes, there is a difference between porch and patio and similarly, between veranda and home deck.
Edmonton Home Rental Listings


  • Location – A porch, also referred to as front porch is an outdoor extension at the entrance of the house, covered with a complete or partial roof.

  • Built – A porch, though…

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