How to Negotiate Before Finalizing the House

How to Negotiate Before Finalizing the House

Posted by on Monday, November 27th, 2017 at 3:27am.

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Buying a new home in Calgary can be a little daunting as it involves a key step - the negotiation with the homeowners. Negotiating for a house before finalizing it is a tricky art. There are a number of ways you can negotiate and buy a new house in Calgary. We have listed the four major tips that can help you in negotiating like a pro.

Look At the Comparable Properties

The best way to understand the market value of any house is by knowing the value of comparable properties in the same neighborhood. On the basis of same square footage, facilities, and similar neighborhoods, you can determine the correct price of the house you are looking. Accordingly, you can negotiate with the homeowner and avoid paying more than you should.

See the Condition of the House

Always inspect the house thoroughly before making any quote or taking your final decision. Understand various problems and flaws that are present in the house. If the house has multiple plumbing, electrical, or structural flaws, you can negotiate and pay less. Thus, be curious and find out potential flaws before negotiating and quoting a price for the house.

Don’t Always Rely on Your Agent

Understand that your real estate agent will only get paid if the deal is finalized. And the deal is more likely to get finalized if you make a high quote. Hence, your real estate agents may try to force you to quote high in order to close the deal and earn money. Therefore, you need to hire a professional real estate agent who will consider both the parties and help you with the negotiation process. If you feel your real estate agent is asking you to quote more than the value of the house, then go with your instincts. If you feel that the price is too high, negotiate with the homeowners directly and finalize at the right price.

Don’t Quote Too Low

The lower you quote while bargaining the price of a new home, the higher are the chances of not closing the deal. Keep the condition of the house, the neighborhood and the facilities available there in mind and accordingly provide an offer. 

If you are facing a hard time negotiating for a house with the homeowners and not able to get a house within your budget, hire our real estate agents in Calgary. We have a professional approach towards negotiating with the homeowners so that you get a good house at the best deal.

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