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With 2843 42nd Street hitting the Real Estate Market last week, it is time to answer the age old question: Why Live Here - Glenbrook?


Glenbrook is a residential neighbourhood in the southwest quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is located approximately 8 kilometres Southwest of Downtown. The community was annexed to the City of Calgary in two time periods, 1954, and 1956. It is bounded in the north by the community of Glendale and Optimist Park, which provides various recreational facilities for the whole district. There are views of the gentle sloping Strathcona Heights and the Rockies in the west from a number of points in Glenbrook, and especially from the knoll just north of the Co-op Shopping Centre.

Glenbrook is located a

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Energy 101

Energy usage is an unavoidable part of everyday life. But the choices we make when it comes to our energy habits can make all the difference for our environment and our daily lives.

Energy Saving Tips

What is Energy?
Simply put, energy is the ability to do work. There are two types of energy: stored, or potential energy, and working, or kinetic energy. Energy comes in many different forms, such as thermal, radiant and kinetic, electrical and chemical.

The Difference between Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation
Energy efficiency and energy conservation are two different concepts that go hand in hand when it comes to using energy wisely.

Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency involves using less energy to perform daily functions. For

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With every house that we see on the market, people always have their designated areas that they prefer to look in whether that is due to work, children's schooling, activities, lifestyle or more. Even if we don't truly know the community, we may just like it due to convenience or that particular "something". Every listing that I (Daniyal Nasiri) have, I look to answer that underlying question that may arise for you; "Why this community?". 

So lets get to it!


Shawnee Slopes

Shawnee Slopes is one of Calgary’s hidden gems, tucked away next to Fish Creek Park located in South West Calgary. It is just minutes to Macleod Trail that can grant you quick access to Deer-foot and Stoney Trail.  Shawnee Slopes has a great mix of home-styles but is known

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With my latest brand new listing in Alberta's Real Estate market; 21 Wolf Drive. I look to answer the age old question! Why Live here?

Redwood Meadows is a townsite in Alberta, Canada. Redwood Meadows is unique in that it is a partially independent municipality, functioning similar to an incorporated Alberta town, but is different from all other Alberta towns due to:

  • its location within the Tsuu T'ina Nation 145 Indian reserve;
  • the leased nature of the land on which it is developed; and
  • council's shared administration of the townsite with the Tsuu T'ina Nation Council.

The Townsite of Redwood Meadows is located along Highway 22, approximately 20 km west of Calgary, 18 km south of Cochrane and 5 km northeast of Bragg Creek. It has an

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As a New Listing comes on the market in East Lake, Airdrie, we look to answer your questions of "Why Live In East Lake, Airdrie?".

East Lake is a residential neighborhood in the northwest of Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Located near the north edge of the city. East Lake’s community is centered around East Lake Regional Park, a beautiful park located on the east side of Airdrie at East Lake Boulevard and East Lake Road. It is nestled behind Genesis Place and Bert Church High School. 

East Lake provides all shopping needs located in a major shopping district in Airdrie, right off Yankee Valley Blvd. Whether you are looking for a grocery stores, coffee shops, clothing stores, or restaurants, Yankee Valley Blvd’s shopping district will house

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9 Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Edmonton-Warnings


Buying your first home in Edmonton can be a scary experience, what if you do the wrong thing and lose money on your investment?


I put together this quick sheet for all of the new home buyers in Edmonton and area so that you do not make the mistakes others have made when buying your first home.


Please feel free to call our team to check the current real estate market in Edmonton before you make the decision to enter the market.


In recent years real estate in Edmonton has been a declining market and it is now the perfect time to buy a new home because of the low prices, right now it would be hard to lose.

9 Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Edmonton



9 Tips for first time Home Buyers in Edmonton

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A home purchase is one of the largest assets and the biggest debt that a person will have. If this is your first time obtaining mortgage, then there are a few things that you need to know about what is required to qualify.

1)      Credit History: How is your current credit and how has it been in the past? Your financial institution will look at your rating, and that everything is in good standing. If you are able to manage your debt, then it reflects on your ability to manage house payments.

2)      Debt Load: What are your liabilities? How much debt do you have? Your financial institution will look at the amount that you owe compared to the amount that you earn. Your debts should not exceed 40 to 42 % of your gross income, and your housing

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Have you noticed that with all the turmoil in the world that thing are getting a little crazy ?   Considering all the craziness in the worl.  Real estate still seams to be a pretty safe bet.
Prices have begun to back off a bit in recent months.  But Lethbridge has had only small fall backs in pricing.  But even these small rollbacks can have a positive benefit to the buyer.  And hopefully no negative effects on the seller.   

The new qualifying rules have put a lot of pressure on the first time home buyer and scarred the hell out of even the most seasoned home owners.  It makes it harder for the sellers to find approved buyers. And creates a stressful environment for the buyers.  Although it is meant to protect the market, and the people getting into the…
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How many times do we walk outside of our homes, year after year and we never take the time to look up, down and around at the condition of our home, fences and out buildings?

I am as guilty of this as everyone else. And then we cant believe the cost incurred when something goes wrong with our home, or when we go to sell it and the inspectors find things that we never dreamed about needing maintenance or repair.

When that happens. It takes away the bottom line on how much money we put in our jeans after the sale is done. And also, can make a deal die faster than a soufflé dies when stomping in the kitchen.

I will use an example of a current sale I am dealing with. We received an offer on an

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Is the time right to buy or sell?

Well. First off let me say that the time is right if it suits your needs. Such as growing family, looking to down size, need a getaway property. There are many reasons why the dollar value should not be the only consideration when buying a property. Although it is probably the main factor used in a home search. It is definitely not the most important. The needs of the individual or the family should be the driving factor. In most cases the same criteria can be found in a home that is a little older than a new home, and at a lower cost. Of course we all would like to have the brand new shiny home with all the latest bells and whistles, but we need to keep reality in the picture.

Sometimes its best to settle for the

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