When and How to Break a Home Lease in Edmonton

When and How to Break a Home Lease in Edmonton

Posted by MaxWell Realty Admin on Thursday, January 25th, 2018 at 5:48am.

There are a set of rules and regulations to be followed when living in a rental property that is listed under MLS for homes for sale in Edmonton. You might not be able to abide by all of them, but there is no choice. Owners get a lease signed before you rent the property. This lease has certain guidelines which are to be followed or else you may have to pay a penalty to the landlord.

There are chances that you may want to get rid of the rented house, but you are bounded by a contract. Here are some reasons that tell you to break the lease of the rented house.

  • Switching your job to a new location
  • You are paying more rent than the actual market rates
  • You are getting a rented apartment at lesser value
  • The landlord is very nosy
  • You want to buy your own house
  • There are lot of repairs in the rented apartment

Breaking the lease is not that easy. It’s a legal document that you have signed. Breaking it on your own will be a breach according to the law. You can follow the below methods to break the lease on legal terms.

Read Your Lease

The first thing to do is read your lease thoroughly. There is a chance that the lease has a clause of ‘break the lease.’ Under this clause, there are terms and conditions written for breaking the lease.

Talk To Your Landlord

When there is no mention of breaking the lease, the best thing to do is to talk to your landlord. Sometimes, it is possible that on a mutual basis, you and your landlord can break the lease. There will be certain conditions your landlord might put forward. Ensure you have every discussion in written with your landlord.

Know The Termination Option

There are termination options available by which you can break the lease. This termination option has certain guidelines that you need to follow. They are:

  • Inform the reason to your landlord
  • Sublet the lease to someone
  • Assign or transfer the lease to a new tenant

Also, if the house is in bad condition or there is some natural disaster, you can terminate the lease without facing any penalty.

Know The Exceptions Available

As a tenant, there are certain rights given to you. Know about those rights. Get in touch with the local tenants’ union to learn more about the exceptions you can use to break the lease.

Living in a house that you are not comfortable in and bounds you with various restrictions can make you frustrated. It is time you should break the lease and shift to a newly rented apartment. Hire an agent to help you choose from MLS for homes for sale in Edmonton in order to find the perfect rented apartment according to your needs.

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