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If you are constantly scraping and re-caulking your old drafty windows to keep out that chilly draft, it’s probably time you gave in and had them replaced. New windows will improve energy efficiency, reduce your monthly heating costs and boost your home’s curb appeal.

Whether you’re having your windows installed by Edmonton window companies or are going to attempt to DIY, there are some common mistakes homeowners make when replacing windows.

Choosing the cheapest option.

Just like any home improvement product, the cheapest option is not the best option and you always get what you pay for. Purchasing the least expensive windows on the market will cost you a lot more money in the long run. For example, cheap vinyl windows have a proven

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On moving day, you'll have a big task. You’ll need to get your possessions

from your old property to your new one — ideally without delays or damage!

Surprisingly, many people underestimate the time and costs involved in doing

that. Careful planning and budgeting are crucial to ensuring moving day goes

You basically have three options:

1. Hire a moving company to handle everything.

2. Hire a truck and crew, while doing some of the work yourself. (For

example, you can pack and help with loading.)

3. Do it all yourself by renting a moving van and getting friends and family

to help.

If you're going with option one, get quotations as early in the buying/selling

process as possible. Services, costs and quality vary

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Buying a home in Alberta.   Is it still a good deal?

Alberta, and Canada for that point is still a great place to buy a home when compared to other parts of the world.


Throughout my past Military career and my many chances to travel the world.  I have had the opportunity to see the best and worst of the real estate market and quality of life offered in many different places.


While there are some great deals in countries like Mexico, Belize and even some locations in Europe.  We have one of the best markets in the world in which to purchase our dream home or just a starter home that will eventually lead us to our dream home purchase.


I recently travelled to Portugal for the second time in 20 years.  It was truly

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City of Calgary, May 1, 2019 – There have been no significant changes occurring in sales activity, but the number of new listings coming onto the market continues to ease relative to 2018 levels. 

The decline in new listings was enough to start chipping away at overall inventory levels, which have eased slightly compared to last year.

The slight adjustment in supply levels has helped support further reductions in the months of supply, which was 4.6 months in April. While this level still represents oversupply in our market, it does reflect improvement from the nearly seven months of supply that we saw at the start of the year.

“Demand remains relatively weak in the resale market. However, if supply levels continue to adjust, this could help

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Imagine driving through a desirable neighbourhood and, just as you turn a corner, you see the absolutely perfect home. Guess what? It's for sale! But there’s a problem. Your current property isn't on the market. In fact, until this moment, you hadn’t seriously considered moving.

So what do you do?

Your first step is to find out more about the listing. Get a description of the property. Find out the listing price. Check out the size, layout, number of bedrooms and other features. If it all looks good, schedule a viewing.

Chances are, you can do all that in less than a day.

If you go to see the property and still love it, your next step is to determine if it fits within your budget. To do that, you'll need to quickly find out the Current Market

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MaxWell Realty has recently had the pleasure of welcoming Rashid Malik to the family. Rashid opened the doors of MaxWell Central in February of 2019 and we thought it was time that the rest of the world got to know him! Check out our interview with Rashid below:


1. How many have you spent in the industry, as an agent? 

    14 years from January 2005


2. What led you to want to make the change to being an owner/broker?

     14 years in the industry have helped me improve my knowledge and expertise within the industry. Building a professional network and creating a fun filled, successful career,  led me to step-up and establish this brokerage. I want to grow - even knowing that growth in anything can be unfamiliar or

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